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Scott H. Biram

Nov 10, 2015

Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA


The sound of grit is hard to describe. It means different things to different people. In rock ‘n roll it could mean a strong guitar lick. At the gym it often means groans and banging barbells. In counrty, it means Scott H. Biram.


 With the changing tides of country music to a more pop-centric scene, it’s increasingly rare to find an artist who brings the music back to its roots. Yes, he relies on the 9-5 life of America to garner feelings of desperately seeking whiskey but there are no cute cowboys or sequins in any of his tales. He’s talking to you middle-aged, middle America. He feels that way too.


And if you happen to be a trucker, he’s got you covered with songs ranging from “Open Road” to “Truck Driver”. There’s no bullshit in his lyrics and if you like to crack a beer open at the end of the night, well he’s got some tunes you can relate to.


Mostly, if you think raw guitar and a scratchy old voice is what gets you going, Scott is your man. He’s authentic, has a bit of a bad mouth, and can play the hell out of a harmonica. He’s raunchy and funny. He’s a one man show worth seeing every time he rolls into town.


Article By: Teresa Reilly

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