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Boston Music Awards

December 8, 2016

House of Blues, Boston


                Boston has long been known for its music and its variety. There’s no one-size fits all here. It’s not Nashville where country is king or New Orleans where jazz reigns. Boston is home to a bit of everything and the Boston Music Awards represents the best of what the city has to offer.

                Founded in 1987, the award show has grown drastically and proves to be one of the best shows every December. For those of us that have a hard time staying up to midnight to hear new music at the Middle East, the BMAs is that perfect opportunity to hear a bit of everything.

                The audience shows this off the best. Yes, there are moms and dads but they are also 30-year-old business folks standing next to 16-year-old punk rock kids and 50-year-old funk lovers. The audience mash-up gives you a sign into what is coming.

                Next year, give it a try. See what your city has to offer. You may end up finding your new favorite band.

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