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Holy Ghost Tent Revival

October 3, 2014

Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA


    In a wave of loud, foot-tapping sound Holy Ghost Tent Revival filled the small Lizard Lounge with big music and some Southern spirit. They brought just about every instrument in the box and let loose to show Cambridge just what folk sounds like when you cram an entire full band, with horns, into a small basement.

    The result is dancing and foot-tapping and even more drinking. The bar tender stayed busy as the band played an assortment of rock and folk mixed with a little adult contemporary. While a bit disjointed at times, the raucous spots is where they thrived. When the horns and bass got going, the floor truly shook with the vibrant and uplifting energy.

    For the most part, they stayed true to their own sound and the southern roots that brought them together. The up-tempo and lively stuff is what their bread and butter is that will be their success. It was when they drifted into something a bit more sultry and slow that they lost what a basement full of Bostonians had come to hear on a Friday night.

    But it’s increasingly difficult to sift through the endless amounts of music out there, even if you hone in on just one category but as you stare at YouTube, trying to figure out what to go next, give Holy Ghost Tent Revival a shot. They’ll make you happy, even just for a minute or three.

Article By: Teresa Reilly


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