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July 16, 2018

Suffolk Downs, Boston, MA


                You have not seen it all until you’ve seen a Cirque de Soleil show. They showcase what can be so amazing about human talent and put it together in such a feel-good package. They are masters or creating illusions and transporting the audience to another place whether real or imaginary.

                This summer, they are taking you to Mexico. With all of it’s music, dancing and rain. A lot of rain. In fact, the most inspiring aspect of this year’s LUZIA show was the rain. It brought to life four senses in a way that shows cannot often do. You could see the patterns falling in rhythm as you heard the music. Not only could you feel the bass from that music but you could also smell that wonderful scent of a summer rain storm. It brought together the wonders of technology with the natural awe-inspiring marvel of the natural world.  

                LUZIA also brought the fan favorites. There were gymnastics and trampoline acts. There were the strong men and women. They did add a bit of culture with the soccer players who performed some incredible tricks. Then there is always the double-jointed performer who shows off just how the body can be manipulated into ways most of us have never even thought of trying.

                While it did feel genuinely like a Cirque de Soleil show, nothing blew me away like I’ve witnessed in previous years. The gymnasts went pretty high but I felt like I’ve seen them go higher. This must be due to the recent tragedy that took place in March during a performance in Tampa where a performer died during a performance. Some risks simply are not worth it.

Article By: Teresa Reilly

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