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July 23, 2013

TD Garden, Boston, MA



  In the middle of her set at the TD Garden, Beyonce took her show to the middle of the arena to be just a little closer to the thousands who came out to see her. Then she pointed to three women standing right up against the stage and thanked them for coming before belting into “Survivor”. For a city still in recovery, it was inspiring to see these three women, each of whom had lost a limb during the Boston Marathon bombings, throw their fist in the air in triumphant of the extreme difficulties they had endured.


It is her best live characteristic. Mrs. Carter has fan interaction down. I have seen plenty of big name celebrities not even so much as bat an eyelash at their front row but not Beyonce. She invited those women to the show but beyond that, she made them and so many others feel special with a quick smile and if you were really lucky, maybe even a wink.


But in 2008 when Beyoncé started to refer to herself as Sasha Fierce, I found it odd and eccentric. But last week, within the first few minutes of her taking the stage at the Garden, I completely got it. This woman is fierce in a way that defines the word. She exudes confidence and when people say, “every woman wants to be her and every man wants to be with”, I’m confident it has never been truer.


                Let’s start with her voice. Everyone knows it’s exceptional but the power behind it is what makes her one of the greatest. To fill a 17,000 person arena with one long note is why said arena was completely sold-out from the beginning.  On songs like "Irreplaceable", it’s heart-stopping to hear her so fully hit every note.


                If that doesn’t make you jealous, take her post-pregnancy figure. She was rocking spandex in a way that the majority of Americans never could on their best day. Yet every costume change was just a small accent to the power of her music and her voice. While the dance moves were enticing (and if you didn’t do the dance to “Single Ladies” you’re just lying) she didn’t have to move much, except for a few well-timed dominant poses, featuring a hand on the hip, to put on a beautiful and inspiring performance.


                Shows like the one that Beyonce put on, take people away completely away from their 9-5 and put them in a different world that is full of hope and beauty. It transforms just a few hours into a time where you, the audience member, is fierce and powerful and dominant.


Article and Photos By: Teresa Reilly




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