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Blues Traveler

August 31, 2016

House of Blues, Boston, MA

John Popper brought the harmonica to the mainstream in the 90s and has never lost his grip on it. After decades of performing and perfecting his art, it’s honestly just cool to hear him play it. At this point, the two just belong together.

The Blues Traveler brought their enormous collection of tunes to the House of Blues and didn’t skip a beat. They are a group of well-trained musicians who have a well-trained crowd. The folks in the front row knew every word and hand-clapping moment. The show was a well-oiled machine.

Everyone knows “Run-Around” and “Hook”. Everyone. But do you know what the Blues Traveler have done since? That’s where the real fun comes in. Well they’ve had eight albums, a major unfortunate tragedy in the death of Bobby Sheehan in 1999, a canceled tour last year due to health concerns of Popper and an album released last year that has the most interesting cast of musicians on it.

Blow Up the Moon, released in April of 2015 features everyone from Hanson to the Dirty Heads to Thomas Ian Nicholas (you know him from American Pie). It’s a fun album to tear apart. It’s eclectic and bizarre in the best ways. The way I first listened was by choosing my favorite collaborator and going from there. It was a wild ride.

Don’t write off the Blues Travelers because you heard them in the 90s and think they disappeared. They haven’t and you’d be well advised to see what they are up to.

Article and Photography By: Teresa Reilly



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