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Earthfest/Out of the Box

July 14-19, 2015

Boston Common, Boston, MA


                In a combined effort this year, 92.9’s Earthfest united with Out of the Box to bring free music and entertainment to Bostonians and tourists alike. While Earthfest has years under its felt, Out of the Box was only undertaking its second show after a year hiatus. It was collaboration that made sense with free festivals consuming a great deal of resources to put on. While it was not promised if the alliance would continue in future years, the result was something this city (and every city) needs during the summer: Free Fun!


                With acts like Guster and Casey Musgraves coming in, bringing very different audiences, the common theme was fans of neither collecting on the Boston Common to enjoy quality music with the freedom to leave and return without the hassle of security guards and the pain of wasting money on a ticket. It held a hint of the atmosphere of larger festivals where the ambience is almost as memorable as the music.


                As small clubs such as TT the Bears close around the area and small-time music becomes harder to find, festivals such as Out of the Box and Boston Calling are popping up to the fill the void. It’ll be interesting to see how the Boston music scene evolves as festival opportunities continue to thrive and clubs are forced to close their doors.


Article By: Teresa Reilly


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