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The Airborne Toxic Event

September 25, 2015

Orpheum Theater


                There is just something about the Airborne Toxic Event. They are classic and inventive all at the same time. It’s also abundantly clear that they love to play and create music. There is nothing better than showing up to a show where the band can’t wait to show you what they’re made of.


                From the get-go, the energy level was high which brought the crowd to their feet and their hands in the air. On a gorgeous Friday night in September, Boston was ready to let loose and clap along. The amps were turned up and the Orpheum was looking as stylish as always.


                Mixing old with new, the Airborne Toxic Event (TATE) played some classic favorites such as Changing and Sometime Around Midnight while also introducing their audience to an entirely new album.


                “Dope Machines”, released in February of this year was perhaps the basis for the energy felt in the theater that night. It is up-beat and lends itself to a rock concert. It’s a big album that brings big noise in a new way. While still harboring the feel of original TATE songs, “Dope Machines” introduces, well, machines to the mix and adds something almost a little funky to the mix.


                If you aren’t able to catch The Airborne Toxic Event in person, check out their new album. It’ll make you want to buy your tickets the next time they’re in town just so you can dance freely to those foot-stopping cords.


Article By: Teresa Reilly


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