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Machine Gun Kelly

October 10, 2014

House of Blues, Boston, MA


Machine Gun Kelly is a freaking blast. He knows how to turn a show into a party so that the entire audience is having the best night of their life. Especially on a Friday night in Boston, people aren’t paying to think about their 9-5. They shoveled out what extra money to they could find to come out and have a great time. MGK showed them what that looks like.

    Richard “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker is only 22 years-old and already knows how to shake-up a room. From crowd surfing to dangling from the balcony by his legs, MGK left memories on the audience that will come back to them every time they enter the House of Blues and look up at that balcony. He performed with passion in a way that told the audience to appreciate him and pay attention.

He’s true to his name and spits his rhymes with quickness and precision. While visibly tall and skinny, MGK holds his own onstage. Think Macklemore with more edge.  And by more edge I mean for the second half of the set MGK used a gun for a microphone and proceeded to fake shoot his audience. With a name like that though, how could he not?

Usually I try and skip the opening act. They tend to be a worse version of what you’re there to see. Every so often, you get a gem of a rare occasion though and end up gaining a half-hour of quality music and party. Machine Gun Kelly brought it all and almost up-staged the headliners Limp Bizkit (which is hard for me to say because middle-school would have been so different without Fred Durst).

Article and Photos By: Teresa Reilly



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