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June 2, 2016

Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO


The minute I heard “Ever Fall In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)” from the Buzzcocks I knew this legendary punk band was definitely worth checking out. It’s super simple, catchy, and everyone on some level, can relate to a song about love. I immediately picked up (okay downloaded) “Another Music in a Different Kitchen” which, is really, just such a fun album. Very pop-punky, very British, very awesome, with a reference to Ralph Nader of all people off the first track. I had a chance to check them out briefly at RiotFest in Denver a few years back but, like a lot of punk bands, they’re meant to be enjoyed in a smaller venue.

I left a work function to check out this show and my co-workers thought it was hilarious I was going to check out this random old punk band with the word “cock” in it, which I totally get. They opened up with “Boredom” which I’d never heard but sounded a lot like “Fast Cars” which they transitioned into, it was great. They’re certainly not the type of punk band live that you go crazy for and mosh the whole show but, they really just had an energetic feel. That being said, people were moshing (in a friendlier manner than a lot of punk shows) and having a fun time.

They saved a few of their “classics” like “Orgasm Addict” and the aforementioned “Ever Fall In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)” for the encore. It was one of those shows you leave in just a really happy satisfied mood. The biggest thing I kept thinking during this show was how much fun live punk shows are to go to versus indie rock, classic rock, hip hop etc. It’s not that I don’t have fun at the other shows it’s just punk is really meant to be played live. A lot of it is inherently loud and sloppy which is what a live performance sometimes should be. Even being a band that is maybe 3 decades past their prime, they really impressed.

Article By: Chris Beliveau

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