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August 29, 2014

Sinclair, Cambridge, MA


    I have a serious girl crush on Mandy Lee, lead singer for Misterwives. She’s spunky and adorable with an amazing voice that will draw you right in. I had the crush before I even saw her in-person. But that red hair and smile won me over all over again on one of those beautiful Friday nights in Cambridge.

    She has that high falsetto voice that adds a special kind of layer to songs. It counteracts the drums and bass. It balances the music and allows for some really fun notes. Mandy hits them with a unique voice that will peak your interest, I guarantee it. Drummer Etienne Bowler and bassist William Hehir aren’t too bad either. They complement Mandy nicely and appear to be a bit quirky themselves with a serious fun-loving side.  And there is nothing better than seeing a band live who genuinely enjoys being up there and seriously wants you to like and party with them.

    Their song “Reflections” is what hooked me. It had me closed-eyed swaying to the beat. Turns out I wasn’t the only one however as the Sinclair was packed. Not only was it packed though, it was packed with hip people who caught wind of this new pop sensation and couldn’t miss their show. Looking over the audience, there was ear-to-ear smiles and hands in the air to this band that doesn’t even have an album out yet. That’s right, they haven’t even recorded an album, just an EP.

    Calling them “ones to watch” seems obvious, I’d rather say “get in now” because they will catch your pop interest and when they hit it big you can be the kid that told everyone “I told you so” and “I know about them before they even had album out”.

Article and Photos By: Teresa Reilly


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