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KURIOS by Cirque de Solei

June 02, 2016

Suffolk Downs, Boston, MA


 Cirque du Soleil always pulls through in fantastic fashion. No detail is left unturned and leaves the audience with a sense of magic. They’re goal to inspire and take their audience to a different world is always accomplished. From the big stage down to the beer selection, everything is in theme.

KURIOS was the most recent show to pass through Boston, this time pulling into the struggling Suffolk Downs. While a bit outside the city and charging attendees $20 to park, having a 1930’s race track as the hosting venue added, well, a bit of curiosity to the event. No manure smells though I promise you.

The company brought all their usual high-flying attractions as men and woman dazzle from the ceilings. A few more mind tricks this time around but the fetes were no less impressive.

The highlight though was the comedian. Typically these acts during Cirque du Soleil shows are almost a relaxing moment from the flipping and tossing that happens throughout. This time however, the comedian might have been the best part. He was spot-on in his humor, timing and mannerisms. There was just as much laughing as there was “ahh”ing at the rest of the show.

However the most discussed member of the KURIOS crew was Antanina Satsura, the 3.2 foot tall woman who portrayed Mini Lili. She made occasional trips on stage, adding to the poetry and sound of the performance but being one of the ten smallest people in the world, she was something the audience had absolutely never seen before.

The music and set design were spectacular as always, truly bringing you into this magical world. It had the same subtle tone that allows the performers to be the main attraction while creating a cohesive feel to the experience.

As always, these shows are worthwhile. You may think you know what you’re in for but you will be surprised as to what you actually see.

Article By: Teresa Reilly


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