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KISS Concert

May 15, 2015

Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA


                If you’re curious as to what’s hot in music right now, the KISS Concert is your one-stop shop to see it all. For years radio shows have given both new artists and experienced ones attempting to revive their career a place to showcase to fans what they have up their sleeve. To give just a taste of what they are truly about.


                This year’s KISS Concert was no exception from artists like Natalie La Rose from the Netherlands who brought her hit “Somebody” to the floor to veteran Kelly Clarkson who could barely fit in her top 10 songs into her half hour set.


                The format is similar to that of, well, radio. Keep the hits coming with some not-so-subtle ads and move it along quickly. Twenty minute sets with only a few of the bigger names such as Ne-Yo, Zedd and Flo Rida who were granted a whole half-hour, which they filled with no pause.


                It’s a different sort of show. There’s no artist/fan connection, it’s all day and you’ll never hear something from the B-track. But for some, that’s exactly what they’re looking for. They want to see those artists they hear every day play their favorite dance hit live. They just want to dance with their friends all day. You can keep your judgment. Just feel a little bad for the moms and dads who were tricked into getting there at 4PM and were told they were “lame” when they asked to leave around 11PM.


                It’s not for everyone but if you’re wondering what Jason Derulo’s dance steps are during “Want To Want Me” or if Flo Rida rolls with his whole crew all of the time, KISS Concert answered your questions. But mostly if you wanted to spend a spring day outside being constantly entertained, KISS Concert brought it.


Article By: Teresa Reilly


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