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Dirty Heads

June 9, 2018

Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston


The Dirty Heads are a strong tailwind in the music scene today. They continue to evolve and push their sound to the next level. While reggae and ska continue to gain popularity outside the walls of California, the Dirty Heads have broken free and are leading the way as was proven by the packed house at the Bank of America Pavilion on a warm summer Saturday night.

Promoting their latest album “Swim Team”, the Dirty Heads brought their full range to Boston. Song like "My Sweet Summer" and “"Spread Too Thin" worked perfectly with the ocean breeze coming off the harbor and classics such as "Stand Tall" and “Lay Me Down” were lead effortlessly by Dirty J.

Over the years the Dirty Heads have continued to up their game on stage. This year was no exception as their décor was up quite a few notches since their last stop in Boston. But, one of the best things about a Dirty Head’s show is that they never take away from the music. The vibe is always there to simply hang-out and enjoy some good music without all the extra that most bands bring with them these days.

As the pop scene changes, there continues to be room for bands like the Dirty Heads to get some music heard more broadly. Their newest single “Visions”, could be their next ticket onto big pop radio. As they continue to have the presence and fan base, you’ll see this band chip away at the market being left behind by the void left behind by the Sublimes of years past.

Article By: Teresa Reilly

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