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Sublime with Rome

July 12, 2016

Pavilion, Boston, MA

If you made it through the 90s you know who Sublime is. They solidified ska punk as California beach music and created tunes that have become classics. Songs like “Get Ready” and “What I Got” have become staples of summer. We know every word and the tempo brings us back to hot days in the sand. Which is why a warm July day on the waterfront at the Pavilion was the perfect setting to enjoy the live version of these classics we know so well.


Filled with a few thousand folks looking for the same good time, the Pavilion provided Sublime with Rome the right atmosphere to showcase their music. Since the music speaks for itself, the performance level tends to be low but is actually exactly where it’s needed. There doesn’t need to be dancing or jumping around, just a few guys playing good vibe tunes.


Every couple of songs the band threw in a few new ones. Since forming in 2009, Sublime with Rome has released two studio albums. The first one Yours Truly didn’t get much traction but I have a feeling the newest one, Sirens, just might. Released last summer, it is a bit truer to the original Sublime you treasure with an upbeat twist. The title song “Sirens” in fact features upbeat reggae band the Dirty Heads who were the outstanding opening act.


While Sublime with Rome will likely primarily continue to exist as a type of cover band, they are fun to see and you know you’ll see some weird stuff in the audience. But seriously, check out the new stuff, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Article and Photography By: Teresa Reilly



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