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ZZ Top

August 28, 2016

Pavilion, Boston, MA

The legendary ZZ Top came through Boston this summer. Legendary seems like an understatement but listing off their accomplishments would consume this article. They’ve been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for over a decade and have one of the top grossing albums of all time. That’s just the icing on the cake but that’s not what this review is about.

 It’s about how this band, formed in 1969, still puts on a better show than some musicians half their age. They have a passion for what they perform that oozes out into the audience. They know their tunes and even more importantly, know that everyone else knows their tunes. You cannot be legendary and get away with slacking.

You know what they played. “La Grange”, “Sharp Dressed Man”. You know those songs by heart. ZZ Top didn’t come to impress you, they came to give you what you wanted to see. There weren’t any costume changes or back-up dancers. It was just them and their guitars giving you what you wanted to see. Few will ever be able to put on a true rock ‘n roll show like ZZ Top.


Article By: Teresa Reilly

Photography By: Michael Malmberg



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