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Aaron Carter

Sept 27, 2015

Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA


Known as a former teen heartthrob and little brother to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, Aaron Carter sold millions of albums in the 1999-early 2000s era of pop music. The now 27 year old has returned to the stage in an effort to make music that will erase the image of him as a cute, blonde 12 year old from yesteryear.


Aaron Carter took the stage at Brighton Music Hall to a room full of fans, mostly females in their early 20’s, who clearly had his posters covering their walls some 15 years ago. The stage was lacking any sort of banner or décor, and dancers and musicians were absent. Aaron came out with full energy, solo choreographed moves, and something to prove. Bass-heavy beats blared through the speakers as Aaron spat lyrics with a much more “grown-up” tone.  He captured the audience attention for the first half of the show.


An intense moment came when Aaron sang a song about heartbreak, and the over-dramatic frustration and anger he felt radiated throughout the crowd. It’s clear that Aaron was trained to work a stage at a very young age, and the singer truly loves the chance to entertain and share his feelings through his music.


The show started to de-rail during an awkward exchange between Aaron and an 8-year-old fan he had brought up on stage. He asked her questions, and the little girl tried to follow along, but seemed more confused than star-struck a few minutes in. Aaron then finally gave the crowd what they really wanted with a few throwback hits, and the screams from the girls cemented that fact. “I Want Candy” and “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” had fans singing along and dancing, paying homage to the songs that they loved over a decade ago.


In an awkward twist, Aaron immediately said to the crowd that those were the only two old hits he would be performing that night, which was met by disappointing boo’s from the crowd. He seemed uphappy with this reaction, and even walked off the stage for a few moments. Once he returned, he exchanged some un-pleasantries with people in the audience who made it known that they wanted to hear more throwback songs, and half of the crowd walked out of the music hall.  He finished up the show with his latest single, which was only available by purchasing a meet and greet, prohibiting any of the remaining fans from gaining access without shelling out more money at the end of the show.  


The most entertaining part came at the end of Aaron’s set when the sound guy played Backstreet Boys “I Want it That Way” which was met by a unanimous scream and immediate sing-along from the remaining fans. For someone who has so desperately tried to escape the shadow of his more-successful big brother Nick, Aaron’s fans seemed to be more excited to hear a track from BSB than any of Aaron’s new material.


Article By: Haleigh Stanway

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