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George Clinton

February 14, 2015

House of Blues, Boston, MA


What better way to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day other than shaking your booty with the 73 year-old man who has the most groove of anyone in the business. When George Clinton feels the beat, the whole room reacts and the vibe carries. His foot-stopping action becomes the heart of the entire audience and he does it all looking fly.

Every year when George Clinton comes through town Bostonians clamor for tickets, whispering to each other, “we better get these now, it may be his last tour”. Which would be reasonable to think based on his nearly 50 years of service to the industry. But once you see him up there, still giving it his soul, you know he won’t stop without a fight. The man pours some of the classic good funk vibe into every note he sings.

While his show has become a bit less extreme over the years, he still travels with quite a crew. You won’t see any blow-up creatures walking through the crowd but you will get a taste of the next generation of Clintons. About halfway through the show get ready for a treat from Lashonda (or more lovingly known as Sativa Diva), George’s granddaughter who has all the voice and attitude that made her grandfather famous. Then go check-out her stuff because it’s fun and has a lot of classic funk underneath it.

So on this commercially hideous romantic holiday, Boston was treated to some real love. Perhaps a bit vulgar at times with hip thrusts coming from men of all ages up on stage, at least the thought was genuine and after a few drinks and some second-hand marijuana smoke, no one was going home alone that night. The magic of George Clinton lives on.

Article By: Teresa Reilly
Photos By: Michael Malmberg

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