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Jesse McCartney

August 13, 2014

Paradise, Boston, MA


    He’s back. The man who brought us “Beautiful Soul” and “Leavin’” has re-emerged from a brief hiatus that took him into the world of acting but has come back in a big dancy fun way.

    Think Justin Timberlake but younger. Think Prince but not as crazy. Think Ed Sheeran but way cuter. Basically go check-out “Young Love” right now from his new album In Technicolor and you’ll get it. It has bass with almost a little funk in it with a mixture of pop and what hip-hop would be if all the lyrics were sung. It’s a mesh of what the music industry is looking for. It’s fresh without being outrageous and you can seriously dance to it everywhere. Trust me. I’ve danced to it in my apartment, in my car and at the club last week at the show.

    Now Jesse has always put on a good performance. He’s a trained boy band member (Dreamstreet) who knows how to make the whole room feel like he’s singing right to them. He knows how to bring the music and dance moves together to create a sexy atmosphere that makes girls scream. But this time around, he honestly nailed it. With a combination of music that ranges just about ten years, he has mastered the art of letting each song be its own thing. He didn’t try and match “Beautiful Soul” with edgy dance moves but when “Back Together”, another new one, came into turn, he displayed some fresh new steps. He owned the stage.

    There was an element of “all business” and professionalism that came across a bit too heavy. Jesse seemed focused on making sure everything went just right that he lost a bit of spontaneity that can make a show that much more memorable. However it was a flaw of MJ’s live performances and his concerts are the stuff of legends.

    While Jesse hopefully ramps back up into the music scene, get on the band wagon. You’ll have fun and be witness to what a true performer looks like.

Article and Photos By: Teresa Reilly


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