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Dead and Company

June 17, 2017

Fenway Park, Boston, MA


                The ultimate jam band brought their definitive sound to Fenway Park on a gorgeous day out at Fenway Park. The sun was out, the beer was cold and there was dancing in every aisle way. Even if you weren’t a fan, it would be hard not to enjoy the experience.

                While things have certainly changed since the Dead’s glory days in the 60’s and 70’s, the audience seems to have only expanded. Ranging from old timers to young kids in their twenties, there was a complete sense of enjoyment and relaxation. It wasn’t about getting in closer, it was about feeling the music and letting it take over.

Most concerts I have attended have a direct focus on the stage but not this one. The focus was on your fellow concert-goer and the music in general, not necessarily on any one in particular who happened to play the guitar.

                And the people playing guitar were no joke. While unfortunately some members of the Dead have passed on, Bob Weir (guitar), Mickey Hart (drums), and Bill Kreutzmann (drums) were all on hand to bring back the music. To perhaps appeal to that younger crowd, John Mayer joined them doing part of the vocals and heavily contributed on the guitar.

                Since a genuine Grateful Dead show is out of the picture, don’t look down on the next best thing. Yes, the beer may be $12 and cash only but “Friend of the Devil” and “Fire on the Mountain” will touch you same the way. Sure there’s no Jerry Garcia but John Mayer adds a different flavor you may actually enjoy. Give it a shot.

Article By: Teresa Reilly

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