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Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival

September 11, 2015

Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA


                The Oddball Comedy Festival lived up to its name from the onset. Stand-up, a typically intimate and friendly show, was blown up to boy band level as comedians took the stage at the XFinity Center.


                The house lights remained on and the crowd of nearly 20,000 remained seated as a string of performers came one after another. There was no fancy stage set-up or costume changes. There was no screaming or yelling. The entire audience sat in their seats politely as they laughed accommodatingly.


                That isn’t to say the crowd was lame. Walking into the venue I was greeted by a woman in her mid-30s vomiting every couple of steps explaining to her friends that she “just wanted to see Amy!” Which appeared to be the mantra.


                Amy Schumer, who is rapidly rising to fame and is starring in (with writing credit) Trainwreck, despite being on the scene since 2004. Best known for her humor towards weight loss and being friends with Jennifer Lawrence, Amy has attracted the attention of 30 year-old woman everywhere, because who needs the gym anyway (a feeling this writer can relate to… possibly even right now).  Her humor remains relatable and continues to gain steam as she appears on magazine covers in every grocery store. When she made a joke about her niece, the woman next to me turned to her husband and said, “oh, that’s so The Dutchess”. While a bit creepy, the impact Amy is having on American woman is apparent.


                Not so much for Aziz Ansari. The headliner best known for his supporting role on Parks and Rec has yet to create the mass appeal he perhaps hopes for. He came out with a bit of lackluster energy and needless to say the traffic leaving the parking lot during his set was stop and go.


Article By: Teresa Reilly


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