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Ben Folds

August 3, 2019

Pavilion, Boston, MA


                A mid-summer’s Saturday night with an adorable, slightly geeky, musician cracking jokes on stage is my definition of a perfect concert. Oh, and they sell wine by the bottle now at the Pavilion? Say no more.

                Ben Folds brought his most recent solo tour to Boston last week to remind the world just how lovable he is. Perhaps best known for his Ben Folds Five fame in the 90s, the solo artist has released three albums and three EPs all on his own, each one better than the previous. Or maybe you just know him as a judge on the “Sing-Off”. Either way, I bet Ben offers more than you think.

                Known as a musician’s musician, Ben Folds brings a show that is mostly placed at the piano with some light banter in-between mostly soft melodies that are layered with dips and highs. His album Way to Normal showcases his classic style. “You Don’t Know Me” is a particular fan favorite.

                If you aren’t up to speed on what Ben has done on the solo front, he won’t let you down. Is “Battle of Who Could Care Less” your favorite Ben Folds Five song? He’ll play it. Or “Army”? He’ll do that one too. Knowing that his audience has come to appreciate him over decades, Ben does a good job of crossing back into old albums while at the same time, highlighting the new.

                Ben’s creative, he’s a collaborator and he’s fearless. He’s written books and teamed up with William Shatner. He’s a renaissance man who is worthy of keeping up with.

Article By: Teresa Malmberg

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