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Killer Queen

July 26, 2016

Red Rocks, Denver, CO


Killer Queen is billed as being “Europe’s Top Queen Cover Band”. In other words, definitely one of greatest bands ever along with Queen. This was the Red Rocks event to be at this summer; I’m pretty sure anyone who was anyone was there. Everyone knows Queen, and if you don’t like them you’re lying. This was one of the most unique concert experiences I’ve ever had thanks to my wonderful bosses’ ability to score backstage passes.

For the first third of the show, we were in about the 10th row front and center and have never had the opportunity to see a Red Rocks band like this. We were treated to a special section where we needed to have our wristband checked again to get into. It was a perfect vantage point and Killer Queen really filled up the venue nicely. Their guitarist, who either had a mean Jewfro or a fake wig (still up for debate) was talented and faux Freddie Mercury was a great singer/piano player and showman. For the rest of the show, we decided to take advantage of the back stage passes.

Going backstage at Red Rocks felt like I was doing something wrong. We could explore anywhere and were the only ones visible other than audio/light workers backstage. We were literally 50 feet from the band and got to see a show from their point of view, it was quite surreal. I got to pound it with faux Freddie when he went out for the encore and have a whole new way of enjoying the show. After the show we got to meet the band who were great guys the little we talked to them. The lead singer still seemed in shock that they’d just played at Red Rocks and was still definitely riding a high. They seemed happy to have some people back there for them and grateful for our compliments.

Afterwards, we got to explore backstage, check out some concert posters I’ll never see again, and have some catered BBQ food because we were backstage and important. The whole experience was one of a kind and a huge thanks to my boss for making it happen

Article By: Chris Beliveau

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