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October 8, 2018

House of Blues, Boston, MA


Sean Daley, aka “Slug”, combo’ed his old school hits with some recent album tracks, and the music still carries the introspective look into the Southside-Minneapolis rapper’s life years later. On a cool Monday night at the House of Blues in Boston, he pumped out a few of the classics such as “God Loves Ugly”, (his reverence for Lucy), and “Modern Man’s Hustle”. With a legacy that is over 20 years-old, he had a lot to choose from.

It was also great to see the bridge between his older fans and the younger fans that flooded into the venue, many of which were seeing him for the first time. This writer witnessed this personally when belting out the lyrics to an older song, “God’s Bathroom Floor”, while a young twenty something looked on with curiosity.  It is rare for an artist to reach such a wide range of ages but Atmosphere has done so in a way that keeps adding to their already large fanbase.

Dem Atlas put on a solid opening act as well; getting the crowd hyped up and getting them ready for the hip-hop veteran with his enthusiastic stage show. This is a young artist that is an extremely skilled lyricist in an age that seems to love mumble rapping, playing his personal hits like “All We Got” and “Bad Loves Company”. It was interesting seeing the crowd go from skepticism at his name, to nodding their heads at his beats and rhymes once they recognized him from their Spotify playlist (as this writer did as well). This is a young cat who has a bright future ahead of him.

In all, this was a show for every age and generation. If the name Atmosphere means something to you but you haven’t checked them out in a while, go back to it. It’s worth it.

Article By: Jacob Jensen

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