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October 18, 2014

DCU Center, Worcester, MA


Following the tragic death of lead singer Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus, many fans thought the band was doomed.  As with many bands dealing with deaths of a founding member, the future looked like an extended hiatus and possible money grabbing reunion tours decades from now.
GWAR is looking to prove everyone wrong.
GWAR headlined the Rock and Shock metal festival in Worcester, and drew quite the unique crowd.  As the concert started, a hologram of Oderus appeared on stage, telling a tale of being trapped in another dimension.  He demanded that the band go on without him, and not to worry for his fate.  It soon appeared that GWAR’s new angle in dealing with Brockie’s death is just as theatrical as ever.

The remaining members of the band, along with a few cameo appearances of former members, auditioned for the new lead singer of the band.  Many of GWAR’s solders tried to win over the fans, but ultimately failed.  It was not until the end of the show that it was revealed the female character Vulvatron would take the reins from Oderus and lead the GWAR army.

Along with the staple decapitations and blood spilling, the band ended the show with a touching tribute to their fallen founder, bringing his trademark sword on stage for one final time.  If this “GWAR idol” theatrics are anything to believe, the band has quite a long road ahead of them, and many more effigies to slay.

Article By: Michael Malmberg


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