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Matt Nathanson

August 23, 2014

Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA


Matt Nathanson performed at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion at the end of August giving his fans everything they wanted.  Beginning the show wearing his 2014 Summer Tour T-shirt (later to be stripped off and given to a front row fan) Nathanson walked the stage from end to end talking to the crowd and swinging his guitar through the air.  

Opening with “Kill the Lights”, followed by “Annie” and “Car Crash”, Nathanson is an animated performer.   He has an excellent live voice as he played guitar and swung his hips side to side.  The set included “Run”, “Faster” and even a cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl”.  

Each song separated by another bit of dialogue, seemingly welcomed by his fans. The mothers and daughters in the crowd (there seemed to be thousands) screamed in adoration.  

Working the crowd to a fever pitch, Nathanson ended the night with his platinum selling hit “Come On Get Higher”.

Appearing before Nathanson was Gavin DeGraw.  Wearing his trademark fedora, DeGraw gave a solid performance walking the stage with just a microphone, in a more deliberate manner than Nathanson.  

At the piano, DeGraw was outstanding.  The set included “The Chariot”, “In Love With a Girl”, and of course his popular hit “I Don’t Want to Be”. Finally, for anyone interested in light shows, DeGraw’s was outstanding.  Kudos to that unnamed person who was responsible.

Article and Photography By: Glenn Malmberg


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